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Jonway Group

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Lunan Yongyuan Industrial Zone, Luqiao District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China


    250cc, 300cc Motor Scooter
    Our Group specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality 250cc, 300cc Motor Scooter,Our 250cc, 300cc Motor Scooter is good in quality and competitive in price. We are supply 250cc, 300cc Motor Scooter for you.welcome
    YY250T-2, 150T-2 Motor Scooter
    Products description:
     Description of YY250T-2, 150T-2 Motor Scooter: The great fuel tank of this motor scooter contains 12 litres, which offers you more convenience during...
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    YY250T-19, 150T-19, 125T-19 Motor Scooter
    Products description:
    Description of YY250T-19, 150T-19, 125T-19 Motor Scooter: With a sophisticated design, this motor scooter (often referred to as electric scooter) is very p...
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    YY250, 250A, 150 Motor Scooter
    Products description:
    Description of YY250, 250A, 150 Motor Scooter: It is an excellent model of Jonway motorcycle, which offers large power and low fuel consumption. The great ...
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    YY250T, 300T Motor Scooter
    Products description:
    Description of YY250T, 300T Motor Scooter: The safety of this motor scooter is guaranteed by our remarkable new twin front and rear disk brake system. The ...
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