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Jonway Group

 Contact Person: Mr. Guan  

 Tel: 86-010-82423999,82423999

 Fax: 86-010-82423618


Lunan Yongyuan Industrial Zone, Luqiao District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China


    About Us
    Jonway Group specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality motorcyclesand ATVs/quads. We have been dedicated for the past 10 years to supplyingglobal motorcyclists with distinctive Jonway motorcycles/motor scooters, andATVs/quads. Our motor scooters (including electric scooters) are available in awide variety of engine sizes from the standard 50cc to 500cc. Jonway Group has experienced terrificgrowth in recent years. With nearly three decades of experience in theindustry, we are able to provide quality products and excellent customerservice, at competitive prices.The Jonway Group was among the first companies to pass the ISO9001: 2000Certification, and we have acquired many other certifications for quality (suchas the 3C Certification) in the motorcycle industry. We have implemented aquality control system, which allows us to create more valuable products, alsogiving us a competitive advantage. As part of our efforts to achieve thehighest quality, we also work continually to integrate new technologies. AtJonway, we place much attention on R&D, to enable us to deliver first-classmotorcycles at affordable prices. No effort has been spared in developing andmanufacturing our innovative products. This is how we are able to maintain ourcustomer satisfaction. Jonway motorcycles/motor scooters(especially electric scooters) occupy a large portion of the market in China.In addition, our products are also sold in international markets, and, in fact,are exported to over 80 countries.Jonway's position in the international market is the result of skilled,motivated employees. We have a team of over 2000 employees, including 280technicians. Their talents are fully focused on motorcycle quality and service.What's more, our employees are also enthusiastic riders! This means we areworking to make better Jonway motorcycles to improve our own ridingexperiences, and yours. JonwayGroup is headquartered in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, in China. Thisplaces us conveniently close to both a large port and airport. Our excellentlocation greatly reduces the transport costs and warehousing costs for ourcustomers, enabling us to deliver at the best prices.We at Jonway sincerely hope to work with friends all over world who have aninterest in our fine products. If you would l
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