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facial recognition attendance machine

facial recognition attendance machine   CRT-T700 Product Introduction MultiBio CRT-T700 is a new generat ...

  • From crypton international limited
  • electromagnetic lock

    EL-350 LBS Electromagnetic lock series EL-350 without signal output EL-350S: with door position detection output(N ...

  • From crypton international limited
  • electric bolt locks

    BL-C2000 Electric Bolt lock series     Specifications: 1: BL-C20001A:(Fail Safe: power to lock) 2 Li ...

  • From crypton international limited
  • proximity card reader(wireless model)

    wireless card reader WR-111 wireless card reader mainly composed of two parts: card readers and signal receiving box W ...

  • From crypton international limited
  • standalone access controller

    standalone access controller   F007 Fingerprint access controller   Model No.F007   Supply ...

  • From crypton international limited
  • fingerprint guard tour probe

    fingerprint guard tour probe GTP-fingerprint 001  fingerprint patrol system 001 patrol system with the newest ...

  • From crypton international limited
  • TCP/IP access control board for 4 doors

    TCP/IP access control board for 4 doors   Model No. ACB-T04   Product Name Four Door Access Control ...

  • From crypton international limited
  • Access control board for single door TCP/IP ACB-T0

    Function Introduction   Conventional Function offline operation; real time supervision; photo display; mass st ...

  • From crypton international limited
  • Wireless 4 CCTV Camera DVR Security Kit W802Y4

    Model: W802Y4      Key Features: >Four channel available at the same time >Built-in microphone for audi ...

  • From Shenzhen Vwtech Co.,Ltd
  • Digital Wireless CCTV DVR Camera Kit W387DB1

    Model: W387DB1     Key Features:   >2.4GHz Digital (with stable& encrypted video)Wireless Security ...

  • From Shenzhen Vwtech Co.,Ltd
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