A company that's built on a foundation as solid as the tile we sell. If you ask us, bathrooms, kitchens and foyers used to be pretty boring places. Places that were measured in functional square feet instead of the degree to which they express your personality, attract attention and make your guests linger a little longer by the front door at the end of the night. So in 1985, with only a handfu...


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    Company Name:  China Tile Manufacture Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person:  kelly kelly
    Tel:  86-592-10000000,13600961854
    Fax:  86-592-10000000
    Email:  info@best-tile.com
    Address:  Wushipu Paintings Village,Huli District, Xiamen
    WebSite:  http://www.yeskey.com/space/tile103/   http://www.best-tile.com/  

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