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    Product Name: Embroidery

    Model:em-2589 Size:600-400

    Company Profile Company Name:Hongjin Textile Co., Ltd. BeijingTel :86-10-51515163 Fax:86-10-51515163

    Embroidery is sewing the fabric embroidered variety of decorative patterns in general. Is the thread with a needle or other fibers, yarns and colors in a certain pattern of embroidered material on the needle to stitch the fabric form the decorative pattern

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    Company Name:  Hongjin Textile Co., Ltd. Beijing
    Contact Person:  Aaron Shi
    Tel:  86-10-51515163,15663162333
    Fax:  86-10-51515163
    Address:  Sanyi Temple 5th floor 2 Court,Suzhou Bridge,Haidian District,Beijing,China

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