About Us

JUPower is a dynamic company specialized in the business of genuine brand new power machinery and spare parts, such as mining, oil & gas, marine, agriculture, heavy duty , transmission and construction.

Advantage-Wide range of products with high reliability and quality certified ranging from machinery, engines and components from genuine factory or OE authorized factory at reasonable cost, Also customized products meet clients's various special demands.

 1. Custom Parts

 2. Generator equipment

 3. Heavy Duty Parts


 5. Drilling parts

 6. Solar parts

 7. Industry equipment and pumps

8. Military Goods


Other Advantages


1. All the high quality spare parts under inernational quality standard to worldwide. Your right professional and reliable parter in China herein.

2. Over 10 year-experience in power equipment and parts, Professional and reliable after sale.

The possibility to order & request by mail or tel .PLS feel free to contact.