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Sodium gluconate

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Company Name : Qingdao Kehai Biochemistry Co., Ltd
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Address : South shanghai RD,Coastal Industry Park, Jiaonan City,Qingdao China.
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Molecular Formula     C6H11NaO7             

Molecular Weight      218.14                   

CAS Number                    527-07-1

Quality standard:     ISO9001ISO2004

Product property: White to yellowish crystalline granule

The technical grade can be widely used in Concrete industry, detergent industry, textile industry, metal industry and also leather tanning. FCCIV grade has the important effects for maintaining the osmotic pressure and volume of exocellular fluid, regulating the acibase balance in human body and developing the normal functions of the nerves and muscles. The product is able to prevent effectively sodium deficit syndromes from occurring. It is a good food additive or food fortifier of sodium

Package: 25kgs in woven bag or Kraft paper bag1000kgs in bag.

Storage: Keep in shaded, cool and air places. The shelf time is two years

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