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      AL-PERT Pipe
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      • Product Name:AL-PERT Pipe
      • Model:dn16-32mm
      • Size:16-32mm
      • Package:standard export packing

      Multilayer Composite Pipe (MLCP) PERT pipe



      Features, Advantages & Benefits

      • A 100% oxygen Barrier – an important feature in protecting the primary equipment in a heating system.

      • Formstability – the ability to form tight bends or shapes by hand without the pipe attempting to spring back.

      • MLCP has the lowest expansion rates of any plastic pipe. The expansion rates, at  50 deg c (Please put oc instead of deg c Thanks) pex is 10 times higher and PB is 8 times higher.

      • Strength, the single pass, complex extrusion technology which produces 5 layer MLCP has much higher ultimate mechanical strength and the aluminium layer provides much better fire protection than ordinary plastic pipes.



      Multilayer Composite Pipe has become a generic phrase for 5 layer PERT or PEX pipes with a core layer of aluminium. Most of the patent control is in the weld technology which, in the case of the PERT pipe that UK Underfloor Heating supplies , is an overlapped cold ultrasonic weld. Neatly all other manufacturers use a laser "BUTT" weld, which while as strong as the overlap it inhibits the bending and reforming  qualities.


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