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Foshan City Archi International Trading Co.Ltd

 Contact Person: Jay tong  

 Tel: 86-757-85398878,18022255331

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26th,C16, Ceramic Sea international material Trade Center, Jihua West road, chancheng district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.


Line proluta Series BS6006
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Quintana dense, smooth, high gloss, ultra-high strength, crystal clear; acid, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, superior.
Comprehensive than the ordinary polished tiles implementation of the results, with the a grand magnanimity of the background each other shine. The overall Shop posts atmosphere and dripping texture combination of self-contained, distance, brilliant, gorgeous, exquisite luxury look at the past.
The top integrated workplace application of choice for, suitable for luxury hotels, government and enterprise engineering, luxurious clubhouse, lofty office buildings, villas, private residence and other occasions

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