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Tire Roller SWP1016H

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  • Product Name:Tire Roller SWP1016H
  • Model:SWP1016H

SWP1016H Pneumatic Tire Roller (Hydraulic Transmission)

Main Specifications of SWP1016H Pneumatic Tire Roller

Model 4BT3.9
Power rate 75KW
Rated speed 2400rpm
Type Vertical water cooling four stroke direct injection
Rated fuel consumption 200 g/kw·h
Traveling performance  
Grade ability 20%
Traveling speed (km/h)  
Forward I 0-14
Reverse I 0-14
Axle and tire  
Type of main reducer Spiral bevel gear
Gear Ratio 1:6.17
Final reducer Chain driven
Chain gear Ratio 1: 2.17
Single tire load (F) 1778 kg
Front axle load (R) 1778 kg
Tire number(F+R) 4+5
Tire size 11.00-20-16
Working data  
Max. operation weight 16000 kg
Min. operation weight 10000 kg
Average ground pressure 150-300 Kpa
Tyre pressure 200-800 Kpa
Roller width 2290 mm
Vertical oscillation ±100 mm
Brake system  
Parking brake Hand operated drum brake
(Oil cut off brake for SWP1016H)
Service brake
Air-over-hydraulic disc brake
(Hydraulic brake for SWP1016H)
Steering system  
Type hydraulic steering
Working pressure 13MPa
Steering cylinder Φ90×50×260 mm
Min. steering radius 7500mm ( outer side)
Refill capacity  
Hydraulic tank 67L
Gear box 10 L
Fuel tank 220L
Engine crank case 16L
Overall length 4770 mm
Overall width 2286 mm
Overall height 3100 mm
Wheel base 3700 mm
Tyre specification 11.00-20-16
Min. ground clearance 300 mm

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