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CE4206 Hydraulic Excavator

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Description of Hydraulic Excavator
1. A streamlined appearance;
2. Outstanding performance, powerful digging force, high productivity and loading efficiency at low operation cost;
3. This kind of engineering equipment is of more availability, long service life;

Main Features of Hydraulic Excavator
1. Turbo-charged after-cooled Cummins diesel engine: environment protecting, power saving
2. Control with constant power
3. Starting with zero displacement
4. Technique with pressure cut to protect hydraulic system and reduce the system heat
5. Secondary overloading for swing and normal closed brake
6. Integrated oil& water cooler
7. Two shift travel speed
8. Travel with multiplex action in line
9. Attachment designed by CAD
10. LCD meters show automatic illumination and detection of the various pressure, temperature and oil level to have sound-light alarm
11. The Technique with disassembled undercarriage
Applications of Hydraulic Excavator
The earth-moving excavator is used for the task of digging of soil grade Ⅰ ~ Ⅳ, and loading of exploded rocks, such as road construction, municipal project, water power plant, handling of slag, etc; while the mining excavator is applicable to different mines such as non-ferrous metal mine, building material mine etc.

Main Specifications

Machine weight
With Face shovel 42 t
With Backhoe 40t
Bucket capacity
Face shovel (standard) 2.0 m3
Face shovel (range) 1.6~ 2.5 m3
Backhoe(standard) 1.8 m3
Standard(range)  1.0~2.5
Diesel engine
Model Cummins M11-C290
Power /Speed 216/2100
Fuel tank Capacity 510 L
Hydraulic system
Max. pressure of main oil circuit 30 MPa
Max. flow of main oil circuit 2×321 L/min
Operating style Pilot control
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 425 L
Swing speed 9.0 r/min
Travel speed 3.0-3.5 km/h
Max. pulling force 333 kN
Gradeability 70 %
Ground pressure 0.077 MPa
Circulating time of operation 16 s
Working date
Boom length(Face shovel) 3900mm
Boom length(Backhoe) 6500mm
Stick length(Face shovel) 2600mm
Stick length(Backhoe) 3000mm
Max. digging radius(Face shovel) 7920mm
Max. digging radius(Backhoe) 11240mm
Max. digging depth(Face shovel) 2350mm
Max. digging depth(Backhoe) 7230mm
Max. digging height(Face shovel) 9240mm
Max. digging height(Backhoe) 10580mm
Max. unloading height(Face shovel) 6890mm
Max. unloading height(Backhoe) 7490mm
Max. digging force of stick(Face shovel) 213mm
Max. digging force of stick(Backhoe) 199mm
Max. breakout force of bucket(Face shovel) 244mm
Max. breakout force of bucket(Backhoe) 168mm

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