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Asphalt Distributor SWS5

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  • Product Name:Asphalt Distributor SWS5
  • Model:SWS5255GLQ

Features of Intellectualized Asphalt Distributor
1. All operations can be performed in the cab.
2. Heating and insulating systems: safe, reliable and fully-automatic;
3. Adjustable width of spraying (Max. 6 meters); each spraying nozzle is independently controlled;
4. Even spraying of asphalt;
5. Asphalt application rate is controlled by computer, independent of truck speed.
6. The heat of asphalt pump and spraying nozzles is preserved by thermal oil;
7. High-pressure air is used to purge the pipe and spraying nozzle;
8. Control system with modular design;
9. Equipped with standby control system, ensuring the normal work of the machine when the main control system fails.
10. Equipped with flexible hand-spraying system.
11. Outstanding insulation performance, the average temp. fall is less than 1 ℃/h.

Applications of Automatic Asphalt Distributor

1. This kind of engineering equipment is commonly used to deal with upper and lower seal layer, prime layer, waterproof layer, adhesive layer, asphalt surfacing, asphalt penetration surface, fog seal layer and so on.
2. It can also used for transporting liquid asphalt and other heavy oil.

Main Technical Specifications

Model SWS5255GLQ
Chassis Model SX5255GLQ
Asphalt Tank Capacity(L) 12000
Max. Spraying Width (m) 6
Asphalt Application Rate (kg/m2) 0.3-3
Spraying Precision(%) 2
Asphalt Heating Mode Diesel Oil Burner Thermal capacity
Average Temp. Fall(℃/h) ≤1
Total Mass(t)  25
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)(m 10.25×2.5×3.4

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