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Asphalt Distributor SWS6

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  • Product Name:Asphalt Distributor SWS6
  • Model:SWS5251GLQ

Description of Automatic Asphalt Distributor:

1.It's a kind of hi-tech engineering equipment, specializing in spraying emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, heavy-duty asphalt and high viscous modified asphalt etc;
2.Ergonomically-designed, easy to operate;
3.Reliable and stable industrial computer control;
4.As an improved type of road surfacing machine, it can adapt to any kind of working conditions;

Applications of Automatic Asphalt Distributor:

1. It is especially suitable for highway construction and road maintenance, can be used to deal with upper and lower seal layer, prime layer, waterproof layer, adhesive layer, asphalt surfacing, asphalt penetration surface, fog seal layer and so on.
2. Transporting liquid asphalt and other heavy oil is also available for this machine.

Main Technical Parameters of Automatic Asphalt Distributor:
Product Model: SWS5251GLQ
Chassis Model: ZZ1256M4646C
Horse power: 266hp/193kw
Spray width: 200—6000mm
Spray volume: 0.2—3.0 kg/m2
Asphalt tank volume: 13000L
Asphalt heater: Imported diesel oil burner
Spray media: hot (modified) asphalt-diluted asphalt-emulsified asphalt-etc.
Spray precision: ±1.5%
Total weight: 25000kg
Overall dimensions: L×W×H=10550×2496×3860(mm)
Performance Characteristics
1 . Power output axis is fitted with heat-resistance clutch to ensure spray at the very first starting point, which gains the national patent (patent no. 200420041674.8.)
2 . Industrial computer can make any combination of nozzles in line as per the requirements of spray volume and width.
3 . Power supply for heating is from both main engine and external power, in which external power for heating when the main engine is flameout(it has gained the national patent ZL03241904.X). It offers reduced engine wearing, extended service life and energy saving (saving about 10t diesel oil per year)
4 . Sino Truck STYER KING Chassis: heavy load, high power, low oil consumption, low emission;
5 . Each nozzle can be separately controlled manually and automatically in order to regulating spray width randomly.
6 . Asphalt spray can be controlled in the console or on the operating platform at the end of vehicle.
7 . PLC regulates spray volume automatically;
8 . Intelligent-control spray technology can modify parameters to accurately control the discharge capacity of asphalt pump to keep spray precision error of ±1.5%.
9. Reliability of dynamic seal among each system. is achieved due to imported heat-resistance seal elements and special structure.
10. Adopt high quality materials, optimized structure design and proper processing technology at the joints among systems;
11. Heating system utilizes Italian imported burner capable of automatic ignition and temperature control.
12. All the nozzles, pipelines and asphalt pump are heated and warm-kept by heat transfer oil in omnibearing circulation;
13. Imported high-viscosity asphalt pump can pump asphalt in tank or from the tank.
14. Gravity emptying device can evacuate leftover asphalt thoroughly from tank without running asphalt pump.
15. Side toolbox of optimal design realizes large capacity, good waterproof effects and nice appearance.
16. Ladders and handrails are equipped to each part for easy operation, without hindering maintenance and disassemble.
17. Heat insulation layer are laid outside all the heat pipes;
18. Reasonably-arranged tank connected joints prevent tank from moving frontward and backward in the process of driving and braking.
19. In-vehicle fast heating system (6—10℃/h) greatly improves heating efficiency and shortens auxiliary working hours, ensuring proper spray temperature
20. Each nozzle can be controlled separately and combined arbitrarily.
21. Asphalt spray bar is of three-section foldable structure.
22. Balance device on the middle spray bar can prevent side bars from droop in the construction.
23. Bumper bar is equipped at the end of vehicle to protect the spray bar.
24. Manual lance can spray locally.
25. Asphalt tank is equipped with deposit discharge groove inside and liquid level indicator, alarm and security devices.
26. Warning signs and lighting installation are available for working at night.
27. Water-spray device prevents asphalt from sticking to the tires.
28. Hyperbaric air and a little of diesel oil can get rid of the leftover asphalt after construction;
29. High efficiency of large tank volume is achieved by means of shorten long-distance transportation hours.
30. Sound durable anti-corrosion insulating layer realizes that static insulation index is less than 12℃/8h.
31. Stainless steel board packing: anti-corrosion and durable.

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