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PP213 plastic tools

PP213 plastic tools   Our business scope: 1.mold design 2.mold making 3.plastic injection   Our advantage: 1 ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP214 plastic tools parts

    PP214 plastic tools parts   Advantage: 1.     Competitive price. 2.     Co ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP215 plastic injection tools parts

    Plastic Injection Mold: 1)Familiar with Hot Runner System Mold Tech 2)Mold life:10-20years 3)Pass the ISO9001:2000 ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP216 injection molded plastic parts

    PP216 injection molded plastic parts     plastic injection mould 1)Have 10 year experience 2)Runner:cold/ho ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP202 injection molded plastic parts

     PP202 injection molded plastic parts   1.High quality plastic injection mould 2.Experienced plastic injecti ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP203 plastic part

    PP203 plastic part More informations about our products are as follow: 1. Our engineering and mould-making technology in ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP204 plastic moulding

    PP204 plastic moulding   We can make all kinds of plastic mould based on customer's drawing or sample.  The fo ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP205 injection molding

    PP205 injection molding   Product Material:PC,ABS,TPU+ABS,etc. Mould Base:LKM Leadtime:25~30 days Cavity&Core Stee ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP206 injection product

    PP206 injection product 1. Customer provides 2D drawing, 3D drawing or samples. 2. To discuss the product function, the ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
  • PP207 plastic tooling parts

    PP207 plastic tooling parts   Advantage: 1.     Competitive price. 2.     ...

  • From Sunny Industry Co.Limited
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