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marble--Ujung Pandang

  This marble is suitable for Tiles, Slabs, Countertops and Vanity tops, Window Sill, Tub Surround, Stair ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • Granite stone-Black Bird

      1) Usage: for tactile paving slab in guiding paving; Bathroom floor paving; Wall decoration; garden, park, yard t ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • Granite stone

    Granite stone is one of the oldest stone used to build. With a wide range of different colors, you will be able to ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • modern fountains

    This modern fountains has a subtle flow on top with a great noise of water flowing on the bottom.  Tip on this foun ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • tabletop water fountains

    This tabletop water fountains is the 'patience' of peaceful flowing water combined with a beautiful display of river roc ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • table top fountains

      this table top fountains gives 'balance' to the peaceful flowing water as it overflows from one cup to another fo ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • solar fountains

    Product:solar fountains Features:           1) Integrated patented solar pa ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • slate solar fountains

    This natural slate solar fountain will create a peaceful space in your garden, deck or patio etc. Operated by an integra ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • Cascade Solar Water Fountains - Glazed Cobalt Blue

    Featuring a Glazed Cobalt Blue four tier cascading solar powered water fountains. Solar panel has extra long 16 ft. cabl ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
  • solar water fountains

    solar water fountains  features antique brown textured terracotta bowls with a four tier cascading solar system. So ...

  • From Xiamen HongXiang Limited
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