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Eggs, commonly known as JiZi, ginkgo, it is people most often eat egg. Because of its the nutrients of comprehensive and rich, known as the "human ideal nutrition library". Nutritionists are called it "a complete protein model".


According to the analysis, every 100 grams eggs contain protein 14.7 grams, mainly for LuanBai protein and eggs globulin, contain human body essential eight amino6 acids, and the composition of body and protein, extremely close to human body to eggs protein absorption rate can be as high as 98%. Every 100 grams eggs contain adipose 11 ~ 15 grams, mainly concentrated in the egg yolk, also can be the human body to digest absorb, egg yolks contains abundant lecithin, sterols class, egg yolks meat and calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D and B vitamins. These ingredients to enhance the function of nervous system is beneficial, therefore, the egg is better brain food.

Eggs HuangZhong contained more cholesterol, each 100 grams can be as high as 1705 mg, so many people, especially the elderly to eat eggs boycott, afraid to eat eggs cause cholesterol levels and bring about sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. In recent years scientists study found that eggs are contained more cholesterol, but also contains rich lecithin. Lecithin into the bloodstream, can make cholesterol and fat particles smaller and keep it in a state of suspension, thus preventing cholesterol and fat deposits in the blood vessel walls. Therefore, scientists believe, to the elderly, normal cholesterol ate 2 eggs, its 100 milliliter blood cholesterol highest increase 2 mg, won't cause hemal sclerosis. But also should not eat more, eat too many, unfavorable digestive, cause gastrointestinal waste, still can increase liver and kidney burden. Each person every day to eat 1 ~ 2 eggs advisable, such already conducive to digestion absorption, and to meet the needs of the body.

Eggs are human ideal natural food, in how to eat on should also pay attention to science. For old people, eat eggs should with boiled, lie, steaming, jilt for good, because decoct, fry, Fried although delicious, but more difficult to digest. If the egg processed into salty, after the calcium can increase obviously, but by every 100 grams of 55 mg increased to 512 mg, about 10 times, especially the eggs suitable for osteoporosis in old people to eat. Should also remind is, never eat eggs, some people think to eat

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