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  • SIZE:36MM,39MM
  • PACKAGE:2piece/BOX
    • Products description:


    Chevrolet Malibu LED daytime lights 
    Car LED for Daytime light 
    Well and High Quality Control for Daytime Light 

    AOVE Malibu LED daytime lights Specifications: 



    Daytime light ( DRL ) , is an automotive lighting ( For Automobile Safety) device on the front of
    a roadgoing motor vehicle, installed in pairs, automatically switched on when the vehicle is moving forward,
    emitting white, yellow, or amber light to increase the conspicuity of the vehicle during daylight conditions.
    1. LED composition:
    Each LED light has the left light (L), right-light (R) , the two LED lamps were placed in two car grille below the headlights.
    2. Lamps consists of:
    Each lamp from the circuit board, reflective bowl and light shell, lamp, cable composition.
    3. Circuit board:
    Each LED circuit board containing five high-power light-emitting diodes and complete electronic control components
    4. Special models for each model car.
    AOVE LED daytime lights parameter:
    Rated voltage: 12v
    stander currency: 2A
    Rated Power: <10 W
    Single light luments: 90-120LM
    Single light Watt: 0.5-1 W
    Maximum Working Voltage: 20V
    Temp Range: 6000-7000 K
    Color: White
     AOVE LED daytime lights Advantages:
    1) Easy installation
    2) same as original
    3) Low power comsuption
    4) Long life span
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