Industrial Blindstitch Machine
  Posting Date : 2021-02-27 14:25:57

Detailed Product Description

Name:Industrial Blindstitch Machine
Applications of Industrial Blindstitch Machine CM-101:
A widely used industrial sewing machine for blindstitching trouser bottoms, laps, cuffs, necklines, sock, front and back of western suits, shirts, gloves, widely applied in garment factory.
Features of Industrial Blindstitch Machine CM-101:
Made by using advanced blindstitch technique, for making sewn stitch of fabric surface invisible, that makes garments elegant and neater.
Specifications of Industrial Blindstitch Machine CM-101:
Mode: Single thread blindstitch
Speed: Max2, 500s.p.m
Length of stitch: 3-8mm
Skip mechanism: (1:1, 2:1)
Needle: LWx6T(#11, #14)
Motor: Clutch( 250w, 4-poles)motor
CM-101: Medial-thick material
CM-101H: Thick material

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