Moving Message Sign-M001
  Posting Date : 2020-06-06 20:58:09

Detailed Product Description

Product Name:Moving Message Sign-M001
Moving Message Sign-M001 Introduction:

These versatile LED Moving Signs use the latest LED technology and combines the
functionalities from our top models of single line, multiline & multilanguage into an
integrated system that produces the most powerful, attractive, efficent & affordable LED Moving Message Signs out on the market today. It integrated also a lot of popular
functions base on the major needs from the today’s market, which made this series of
Signs very easy to use (user-friendly), professional as well as market oriented.

These latest & highly sophisticated signs are easy & convenience for customers to
display their Company logo or message info with amazing effects to their viewers, which greatly attracts the audience’s eyes and extends the Company’s Image & well known.

It is flexible to display single line, multi-line text messages, graphics and logos etc.
Automated programming which eliminates the need to learn complicated procedures.
Within seconds, you can create attractive as well as visual messages.

Note about Moving Message Sign-M001:

Customized as per vendor's requested height, size, color and quantity.

Others about Moving Message Sign-M001:

Origin: China

Brand: Ledmedia

Paking: Carton or plywood

Delivery time: 15-25 days

Minimum order quantity: 1

Supply capacity: 500pcs/month

More information about Moving Message Sign-M001,you can contact us.

Contact Information
Contact:Eric Wang
#16 Fuzhong Road, Banfu Town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province