Tricolor Screen-T001
  Posting Date : 2020-09-25 08:40:26

Detailed Product Description

Product Name:Tricolor Screen-T001


LED Screen is a high-tech product integrated with photoelectricity and computer tech., it has become one of the most popular demonstration media widely used in various fields by its features of being durable, energy-saving, vivid, bright and safe.                                                                                      

LED Screen can display texts, graphics, images, pictures, animations, videos, flashes, TV program or DVD etc.                                                                                                     

LED Screens are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, from pitch 4mm to 40mm, single color to RGB full color, for indoor & outdoor applications.


Origin: China

Brand: Ledmedia

Paking: Carton or plywood

Delivery time: 25-35 days

Minimum order quantity: 1

Supply capacity: 1000m2/month

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