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Blue T8 LED Tube Light

Products description:


Products description:

Blue T8 LED Tube Light

Product Features
High cost performance
Energy saving more than 60% compared with traditional
fluorescent lamp
Direct replacement of fluorescent lamp and no maintenance
Frosted cover - no gla re, no flicker and smooth lig ht distribution
Long life with 30000 hours above
Environment-friendly - No lead, no mercury and no UV
2-year warranty


Power Consumption:  8W/1 2W/6 W/1 8W/22W
Input Voltage: AC180-240V
Frequecncy: 50-60Hz
Power Factor: >0.5
Beam Angle:120°-270°
Lighting Efficiency: 70Lm/W
Lifespan: 30000Hrs
Luminous Flux:≥560Lm(8W) ≥840Lm(12W) ≥1260Lm(16W) ≥1260Lm(18W) ≥1540Lm(22W)

T8 Size:600*Φ26mm(8W) 900*Φ26mm(12W) 1200*Φ26mm(16W/18W) 1500*Φ26mm(22W)

1. Energy Saving. Saving 55%-70% electricity cost to traditional tubes.
2. Eco-friendly. No UV, IR, mercury and other harmful materials
3. Long lifespan.
4. Exquisite small appearance. Easy to install with mounting brackets.
5. Aluminum alloy body and PMMA cover.
6. No flickering & FR interference.
7. No delay on start.

1. Offices
2. Shopping malls
3. Exhibition Gallery
4. Library
5. Factories
6. Closet
7. Recreation application

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