3D Carbon fiber film rose color
  Posting Date : 2023-12-02 15:35:44

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General car three car whole car takes about 19 meters. Such as: length of about 5 meters on both sides adds up to about 10 meters; the front of about 1.8 meters; the front about 1.6 meters; the roof about 1.8 meters; the tail car about 1.5 meters; the tail of the car surrounded by about 1.8 meters. Hatchback car takes about 16 meters around the.
Note: small area of paste can do it yourself, let you fully enjoy the fun of DIY
Paste the tools required 1, scraper
2, the electric gun or hair dryer
3, the knife
4, the best preparation for a matching kettle
Carbon fibre paste operation instructions:
Surface cleaning of 1: to paste clean
2: is ready to please the glass water sprayed on the surface to paste paste paper before
3: sticker and bottom paper separation and uniform spraying of water glass
4: sticker flat attached to the need to paste surface
5: scraper water completely out, (this step is very important!! Otherwise it will produce bubbles!) In order to ensure the smooth surface
6: edge with grilled gun or hair dryer baking, to ensure the smooth and strong edge effect. Be accomplished!!
A large area of the adhesive to automotive beauty shop master please help.


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