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Versatile Paver SWAP90

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  • Product Name:Versatile Paver SWAP90
  • Model:SWAP90

Description of Versatile Paver
1. It is mechanical -hydraulic driving and is equipped with mechanically pieced screed with vibrator and single tamper.
2. It paves the road with good leveling and high density.
3. The vulnerable parts adopt wearable material to ensure the performance.
Application of Versatile Paver
SWAP90 versatile paver, a kind of road surfacing machine, is commonly used to pave soil, cement, lime base material and asphalt, applicable to the construction of highway, urban road, plaza, and parking lots etc.
Parameters of Versatile Paver

Model: SWAP90
Type:  Crawler
Paving Width (mm) 3000-9000
Paving Thickness (mm) 20-320
Paving Speed (m/min) 2.00~6.25
Traveling Speed (km/h) 0.96~2.86
Engine Power (kW) 112
Hopper Capacity (t ) 12
Max. Theoretical output (t/h) 500
Weight (kg) 16000~20500
Overall Size 6220*3270*3050
Engine six cylinders-air cooled engine 112Kw/2300r/min

Technical Specifications of Versatile Paver
Drive System

The machine is driven mechanically-hydraulically. Flywheel end of engine is connected with transfer case and the front of engine is connected with split flow pumps.
Traveling Device
It consists of gear box, transfer case, traveling clutch and chain transmission.
The driven chain wheel activates the crawler.
Weight Bearing Mode
There are two crawlers. Crawler patches are configured with rubber. Each crawler ground touch area is 3050*300mm.

The traveling clutch is operated by hydraulic cylinder. The brake can make the machine turn at former place.
The capacity is 12 tons and operated by hydraulic cylinder for entire discharge.
Push Roller
The roller can swing to push the truck rear wheels.
Left and right conveyor is independently driven. Clutch is controlled by hydraulic cylinder.
Feeder System
The system adopts screw feeder whose blades are of high wearable material and are easily replaced.
Electrical System
The system is equipped with two batteries. The voltage is 24V.
It consists of steel tube and cloth.
Automatic Leveling Sensors
It has two longitudinal and one transverse leveling units, used for automatic adjustment of slope and grade.
Working Devices
Mechanical extended screed
1. Tamper impact stroke 5mm
pressure 14Mpa
2. Extended screed 1.25mm 2 segments
1m 2 segments
0.5m 2 segments
0.25m 2 segments

Main Performance
1. Durable crawler's device offers powerful traction
2. Independent left & right conveyor and screw feeder for easy operation
3. Centralized lubrication system to improve the convey and feed reliability
4. Auto leveling units to offer reliability for road smoothness
5. Advanced screed with good stiffness and durability
6. Wide eyeshot and removable operation platform for easy operation and improved efficiency
7. Mixture conveying system with material controller

Key Parts
1. Engine: air cooled engine of DEUTZ technology
2. Main electric switch: Germany MOELLER
3. Gear pump: Germany BOSCH
4. Tamper motor: Imported

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