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Tire Roller SWP1826

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  • Product Name:Tire Roller SWP1826
  • Model:SWP1826

SWP1826 Pneumatic Tire Roller (Mechanical Transmission)

Main Specifications

Model 6BTA5.9
Power rate 125 KW
Rated speed 2000rpm
Type Vertical water cooling four stroke direct injection
Rated fuel consumption 200 g/kw·h
Traveling performance  
Grade ability 20%
Traveling speed (km/h)  
Forward I 3.5
Forward II 7.8
Forward III 13.2
Forward IV 20.75     
Reverse I 3.5
Reverse II 7.8
Axle and tire  
Type of main reducer Spiral bevel gear
Gear Ratio 1:6.17
Final reducer Chain driven
Chain gear Ratio 1: 2.17
Single tire load (F) 1560 kg
Front axle load (R) 1560 kg
Tire number(F+R) 5+6
Tire size 11.00-20-16
Working data  
Max. operation weight 26000 kg
Min. operation weight 18000 kg
Average ground pressure 150-300 Kpa
Tyre pressure 200-800 Kpa
Roller width 2790 mm
Vertical oscillation ±100 mm
Brake system  
Parking brake Hand operated drum brake
(Oil cut off brake for SWP1826H)
Service brake
Air-over-hydraulic disc brake
(Hydraulic brake for SWP1826H)
Steering system  
Type hydraulic steering
Working pressure 13MPa
Steering cylinder Φ90×50×260 mm
Min. steering radius 8000mm ( outer side)
Refill capacity  
Hydraulic tank 67L
Gear box 10 L
Fuel tank 220L
Engine crank case 16L
Overall length 4878 mm
Overall width 2800 mm
Overall height 3103 mm
Wheel base 3800 mm
Tyre specification 11.00-20-16
Min. ground clearance 300 mm

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