Beer Active Dry Yeast
  Posting Date : 2022-08-11 14:15:07

Detailed Product Description

Name:Beer Active Dry Yeast Descriptions of "Angel" Beer Active Dry Yeast: 1. Angel active dry yeast, a kind of bio-product, is primarily used in beer fermentation and it can quickly restore to cells after rehydration; 2. Strong fermentation ability; 3. Wide adaptable temperature range; 4. Strong agglomeration ability; 5. Suitable for all kinds of beer brewing. Brewing Characteristics of "Angel" Beer Active Dry Yeast: 1. Yeast fermentation temperature: 8-20℃; 2. Fermentation degree: 60-66%; 3. Speed of lowering the sugar degree:   (1) 12℃, 7 days, 9.8Bx-4.0Bx;   (2) 15℃, 4 days, 9.8Bx-4.0Bx;   (3) 20℃, 1 day, 9.8Bx-4.5Bx; 4. Strong diacetyl reduction capability, so resulting beers are tastier.

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