Yeast Vitamin B Complex
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Detailed Product Description

Descriptions of "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Vitamin B Complex: [Ingredients] Yeast powder, calcium carbonate, maltodextrin, pregelatinized starch; hydroxymethyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, folic acid, Vitamin B12; [Nutritional Labeling] "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Vitamin B Complex Nutrients Serving content Vitamin B1 5.5mg Vitamin B2 5.5mg Vitamin B6 5.5mg Vitamin B12 5ug Pantothenic acid 20mg Folic acid 1mg Nicotinamide 20mg Calcium 30mg [Usage and Amount] Taken directly with water, one tablet a day; [Function] Help weight-losing; help reviving working stress and poor health for alcohol; [Attention] "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Vitamin B Complex cannot take the place of medicine. Not suitable for children; keep it out of the reach of children. Allergic constitution people should use cautiously; It is not suitable for being used with other similar nutritional supplements. [Packaging] 0.6g×60 tablets in each bottle; [Storage] Keep in dry and cool places; sealed preservation; [Shelf life] 24 months; Features of "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Vitamin B Complex: 1. Functions of Vitamin B Complex:   (1) Can promote fat metabolism and as a result help losing weight.   (2) Help relieving fatigue;   (3) Help relieving alcohol's stimulate on stomach;   (4) Help activating neurons and as a result can maintain the normal activity of brains and nerves.   (5) Vitamin B deficiency for pregnant women would influence the intelligent development of babies. 2. Features of "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Vitamin B Complex:   (1) 7 vitamin Bs can be provided;   (2) High technology packing: low nutrient loss; while still easy to be absorbed by human body;   (3) Balanced proportioning and high content of various vitamin Bs; The combining use of "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Vitamin B Complex and one or more of the following related products will give a functional nutritional meal, for example: 1. Combined use with "Angel Nutritech" Nutritional Yeast and Yeast Chromium Capsules: effective nutritional intervention on obesity; 2. Combined use with "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Glucan Capsules and "Compete" Yeast Zinc Capsules: effective nutritional intervention on people's sub-health state; Yeast Vitamin B Complex Powder / Flakes is a good choice of healthy food manufacturers for producing related products.

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