Nutritional Yeast
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Detailed Product Description

Name:Nutritional Yeast Descriptions of "Angel Nutritech" Nutritional Yeast: [Ingredients] Saccharomyces cerevisiae powder, calcium carbonate; [Nutritional Labeling] 100g "Angel Nutritech" nutritional yeast contains: protein: 48.5g; zinc: 35mg; iron: 34mg; selenium: 95μg; riboflavin: 7.4mg; [Function] weight-reducing; immune enhancer; help rehabilitation of chronic diseases; [Attention] Not suitable for gout patients, high UA patients and abnormal renal function patients; Allergic constitution people should use cautiously; It is not suitable for being used with other similar nutritional supplements. Our nutritional yeasts cannot take the place of medicine. [Usage and Amount] Serving amount 10g Take it with non-alcoholic and uncarbonated drink; The taken amount of nutritional yeast can be adjusted according to the suggestions of your doctor, nutritionist and body-building consultor. [Packaging] Pack A: 300g/jar, flakes; Pack B: 100g/bottle; 0.25g× 300 granules in each bottle; [Storage] Keep in dry and cool places; sealed preservation; [Shelf life] 24 months; Features of "Angel Nutritech" Nutritional Yeast: 1. High nutrition content and easy to be absorbed by human body; 2. "Angel Nutritech" Nutritional Yeast, different from other weight-losing products, will not decrease appetite or cause diarrhea etc.; 3. Low sugar, low fat, low heat and cholesterol free; and "Angel Nutritech" Nutritional Yeast is also rich in high quality complete protein, dietary fibers and minerals as well as vitamin Bs; so it can improve the immune system. 4. This kind of nutritional supplement can promote the insulin secretion and activity and steady blood glucose: taken "Angel Nutritech" nutritional yeast in place of your meals can reduce the intake of sugars, delay the absorption of sugars and promote the metabolism of saccharide and fats; so it is suitable for diabetic patients. 5. It contains cobalamin (VB12) (not contained in vegetables) and minerals which are usually demand by vegetarians; 6. High bioavailability; 7. Our nutritional yeast can improve the adverse environment in digestive tract: to ease constipation, to improve the symptom of ulceration and flatulence etc.; Nutrients in "Angel Nutritech" Nutritional Yeast: Item  Serving(10gm) NRV (%) Energy  166 KJ 2.0%  Protein  4.8g  8.0% Fat  0.6g  1.0% Carbohydrate  3.7g  1.2% Dietary Fiber 2.0g 10.8% (8.0%) Sodium  17mg  0.85% Zinc  3.5mg  23.3% Iron  3.4mg  22.7% Selenium  9.5μg  19.0% Vitamin B2   0.7mg  50% Calcium  140mg  17.5% Chromium  9.4μg  18.8% Vitamin B1  0.3mg  21.4% Vitamin B6   0.3mg   21.4% Vitamin B12    0.3μg  12.5% Folic acid  135μgDFE

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