Yeast Extract B2
  Posting Date : 2020-06-04 22:47:18

Detailed Product Description

Descriptions of "Angel" Yeast Extract – Flavor Products: Powder, paste and liquid form yeast extracts with meat flavor (beef flavor, chicken flavor, and pork flavor), cheese flavor and soy sauce flavor are all available in Angel. All our flavor products have distinctive tastes. Characteristics of "Angel" Yeast Extract – Flavor Products: 1. Provide delicious taste; 2. Strong thermal stability and feature with special flavor; 3. Obtained through Maillard reaction. Available "Angel" Yeast Extract – Flavor Products: Beef flavor: TB01, TB11, etc. Pork flavor: TP01, TP11, etc. Chicken flavor: TC01, TC11, etc. Soy sauce flavor: TS01, TS02, TS08, etc. Cheese flavor: TD11. Angel Yeast is China Yeast Manufacturer.Our Yeast Extract is good in quality and competitive in price. You are very good buy Yeast.We are Yeast Extract Manufacturer and Yeast Extract supplier. welcome to buy Yeast.

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