Instant Dry Yeast
  Posting Date : 2020-06-04 23:14:54

Detailed Product Description

Descriptions of "Angel" Instant Dry Yeast (Sachet Packing): 1. Ingredients: Natural yeast, emulsifier; 2. Dosage: 1.0-1.2% of the amount of flour (no need to add alkali); 3. Usage: Mix the baking yeast and flour well first; then add into other ingredients; 4. Packaging: 11g×5 bags in each case; 60 cases in each carton; 5. Shelf life: 2 years in dry and cool places. Applications of "Angel" Instant Dry Yeast (Sachet Packing): This product is suitable for all fermented flour based food. Features of "Angel" Instant Dry Yeast (Sachet Packing): 1. Fast fermentation: 40-60 minutes; 2. The resulting wheaten foods are tastier and has a slight sweet fragrance. Angel Yeast is China Yeast Manufacturer.Our Instant Dry Yeast is good in quality and competitive in price. You are very good buy Yeast.We are Instant Dry Yeast Manufacturer and Instant Dry Yeast supplier. welcome to buy Yeast.

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