Hollow Glass Microsphere For Drilling Fluids
  Posting Date : 2024-02-22 18:32:38

Detailed Product Description


Hollow Glass Microsphere for drilling fluid and cement slurry

Hebei United Energy Industry Company produce and supply high performance hollow glass microsphere. 

Hollow glass microsphere is a kind of ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic material with hollow structure, has features of light weight, large bulky, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, smoothly mobility etc. Its true density is 0.15-0.60g/cm3 with 2-120μm in diameter. 


Because of its high compressive properties, it can be used to produce

high-strength ,low-density cement slurry and low-density drilling fluid in oil and gas extraction industry.


1, Low density drilling fluids that added hollow glass microsphere works as continuous medium has features of incompressibility, uniformity of safe mud, produce lubricate mud cake, decrease the risk of sticking,

2, Good rolling characteristic helps to increase the rate of penetration, improve the drilling efficiency.

3,High resistant to high temperature and high press. Steady performance and durable.

4, Hollow glass microsphere added low density cement slurry can prevent or decrease the cementing leakage, increase the cementing top, meaningful to increase the prospecting reserve, improve single well capability, effectively explore oil and gas resources and solve down well complicate problems.

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