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Oil Drilliing Grade Modified Starch

  • Package:25Kg/bag or drum
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    Unitedhb Group produce full range of oil drilling carboxymethyl starch(modified starch).

    Sodium carboxymethyl starch CMS  is an anionic transmutation of natural product, natural macromolecule polyelectrolyte ether soluble in cold water. Under room temperature, CMS could slowly dissolve in water and form transparent viscous liquid. It absorbs water and has good expansibility, high viscosity and adhesive strength. It remains stable in neutral and alkaline medium solution, hard to degenerate and possesses good emulsibility. It is non-toxic, pollution-free, degradable and environment-friendly.

    Scope of Application:        

     The product belongs to water-based drilling fluid additive range, applicable to non-reservoir interval as fluid loss control agents.

    Key Feature:

     Derived from natural starch, the product is mainly used as fluid loss additive in salt water or saturated salt water. It is comparative with CMC in reducing fluid loss but better than CMC in salt tolerance. The product affects little to rheology of mud, non-tackifying and compatible with other additives.


    The product can be added into drilling fluid directly or used to prepare compound solution with other additives for mud treatment or performance maintenance. The common dosage is 1%~3%.

    You can call us or write to sales@unitedhb.com to get more details.