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HPS-hydroxypropyl starch

  • Package:25Kg/bag or drum
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    Unitedhb Group(www.unitedhb.com) produce full range of HPS(hydroxypropyl starch) for various usages

    Hydroxypropyl starch (HPS) is produced by treating starch with propylene oxide to form white or nearly white powder, granules, or flakes (if pregeatinised). It is stable against heat, acids, alkalis. It has a pH degree greater than 7.0., and starch degrading enzymes,

    HPS can be used:

    As thickener to increase the viscosity of a mixture while minimizing changes to any other properties,  

    Also can be used as stabilizer, gives food a firmer texture by preventing the breakdown of emulsions in food.,

    As emulsifier in food to maintain a uniform mixture between two or more unblendable mixtures. For example a mixture of oil and water. This is achieved by having one end of the emulsifier molecule soluble in water and the other end soluble in fats and oils.

    In foods that are freeze-thawed and where better colour. HPS is added to change or intensify colour in food. and shine are required. Although used in many products it is predominately used in frozen foods, ice-cream (plus soy ice-cream), frozen cakes, dry mixes (cupcakes, muffins, cakes, cookies, and self-saucing puddings), flavoured toppings and sauces, mayonnaises, snacks and muesli bars, and gravies.


    You can call us or write to sales@unitedhb.com to get more.