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Guar Gum

  • Package:25Kg/bag or drum
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    UNITEDHB GROUP ( produce guar gum and modified guar gum

    Natural Guar gum and modified guar gum have various usages.Guar gum is a kind of white to  creamy coloured, free flowing powder and free from extraneous matter. It has abilities of suspending solids, binding water by hydrogen bonding, controlling the viscosity of solutions, forming strong films, we produce various grades accordingto the usage,


    1,  Easy solubility in both hot and cold water,

    2,  Water binding due to Hydrogen Bonding,

    3,  Good film forming,

    4,  Resistance to oils, greases & solvents,

    5,   Best thickening action,

    6,  Physiologically Inert nature,

    7,  Non-ionic, Anionic or Cationic character.

    UNITEDHB can produce following grades:

    1,  Food Grade Guar Gum

    2,  Cosmetics Grade Guar Gum

    3Pharmaceutical Grade Guar Gum

    4Oil fracturing Grade Guar Gum

    You Can call us or write to to get more details.